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High Hook's Reports

6-13-2012 : Bass Trip

Bass were on Fire from 5:30 pm Till 6:45 pm 4 guys 13 Bass to 42 pounds ALL TAGED AND RELEASED

6-8-2012 : Bass Trip
We Had Rich , Max and John out to hunt for some Bass. Left the dock around 4:30 am and and started fishing a Bunker school right out side the inlet. We snaged some bunker and right away picked up a sweet 35 five pond Bass. We fished the pods of Bunker with a couple of run offs but no luck. To much bait in the water the Bass were not turned on yet. Ended up with 1 Bass but a nice 1 .Thanks guys for sticking it out.

6/9/12 : Tuna / Sea bass / Cod
Had Capt. Brenda, Capt.Eddie, Joe And Mike out for some fun fishing. , We thought an offshore run might be more fun and a change of pace for entire crew. Capt Mark left the dock early  morning and headed to some water that looked good on the charts. Got there had good water clarity and temps, some boats had already landed bluefin. Put in the lines and had Brenda up for his first Tuna that bet her up 20 pounds fish hit the deck a few more Blue Fin were caught and released. The lines were knocked down by 12lb falsies and15 to add to the fun  .Decided to hit a local wreck so the crew could try something differed landed 13 nice cod, and dozen ling and 25 Sea Bass  to add to the catch. Good times with a great crew.

6-10-2012 : Shark / Blue Fin Trip

Had Joe, Dylan and Bobby 20 miles off shore. Plan was to go offshore Troll for Blue Fin and Chum for shark. This morning I decided to go back to the place where I caught the Blue Fin, my buddy was crushing them when I left the dock so I decided to try that first. First Troll had a knock down. Next time around hooked one about 30 pounds .Went 10 for 14 on the Troll. Changed gears and went sharking, in the first hour we had 5 bites and landed 3 with the whole charter doing battle, 1 Mako about 170 did a couple of flips in the air then broke us off. We Blue harks to 8 feet but lots of fun. Great weather, crew and music made for an enjoyable day!

5-2-2012 : Bass/Blue Fish Charter

Tom Walsh Bass / Bluefish Charter. We broke the inlet at 7:00 am and started working the birds. We were jiggingfor bluefish/Bass at a drop and reel pace working our way North towards the Rocks. About an hour into the day we hooked up our first fish on the troll and fought the fish to the boat it was a Monster BlueFish. The 20 kt. winds out of the North East kicked the angry water to 4 to 6 ft seas. All in all we had a great time! Thanks Capt. Mark and Capt. Eddie

April 30- 2012 : Vichi Villalba Bass Charter

Today we had the Vichi Villalba charter . 
Broke the inlet early and made our way to the bass grounds. Seen about a ton of birds working and some boats trolling and what not, didnt look good. Stopped on some birds, Caught one bass and tons of Chompers.
Looked around for not more then 10 minutes and we read em pretty good. Multiple hook ups around the boat but no Bass. Next drift a few more and so on. Tough day out on the water Cant catch them every day.
Thanks guys!
Capt. Mark

April -28-2012 : Open Boat

Open Boat Charter with Matt Walsh ,Eddie Tappin, and Mike Costa on board the Knot Guilty III today, Made our bait on the first throw and went fishing. Fished a few pods of bunker but no fish were around. Decided to make a run up north and within two hours landed our limit of bass and caught numbers of yello eyes. Then landed another half dozen before we pulled the plug on a great day.
ThankS Guys FOR A GREAT DAY. Capt. Mark

April 21/2012
Jimmy esso and Mike costa Charter
: The great striper fishing continues!

Left early headed out the Manasquan in some thick FOG. For most of the morning couldnt see more than 20 yards. Caught a few monster Bluefish that were on the attack chompping on schools of Bunker. Drove a little more North to the grounds before all the heavy traffic they were right there waiting. Birds all over n fish splashing on top. Started Trolling hooked up 2 fish right away within in 1 hour boxed our limit. The guys wanted to pitch some live bunker at the Bass so we did 8 more fish caught and RELEASED.
Bite finally slowed up and the S wind came on hard making the ocean angry WITH 4 TO 6 ft seas. Thanks guys you did a great job.

November -12- 2011 
High hook sport fishing Point Pleasant NJ

Left early and headed back to an area looking for the red hot morning bite! Got down there and the birds were all over again. They were spread out a bit but there was alot 0f life. Started with a slow bite fishing but got into a nice steady pic with shots of 3 and four on at time. Lot more shorts with 7 keepers. Didnt get our limit in the box but had a blast catching over 30 fish.It was windy but it didn't bother us as we fished tight to the beach.

Don't let the wind scare ya it was sloppy with only a 3 foot chop where we fished most of the day! ( Thanks Guys For A Great Day)

8 -13-2011 Knot Guilty Madness !!!Clarks Landing Fuke Tournament 1st Place. Fluke Limit / to 8.54lbs!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011
Headed out for another day of Fluking. John, Rich, Gator,and Harold  aboard. The Knot Guilty

Got on scene and it was madness from start to finish... pretty much lock and load action when u were on the patches of fish they just kept coming lots of nice keepers going every drift.

Incredible action on both bait n jigs!!!had a bunch of double headers and 3 and 4 on at a time!!!! In the rough stuff where the keepers roam!! We fished hard from 7am till 1:30 PM.
Sealed up the cooler and headed towards home to check in our fish at Clarks Landing.

What a day!!! thought the other day was a once in a lifetime only for it to happen again today!!!Some truly phenomenal fishing we have been experiencing!

By days end the guys caught over 60+ fluke Keeping 30 (a 6 man limit) to 8lbs  Boxing up a limit!!!!!

One to remember!!!

Thanks again Guys!!!

June 24 - 2011 Mako Mania 

We Had ,Capt. Eddie/Silver Bullet Charters,Capt. Mark / highhooksportfishing, Tom Wolf Sr, Tom Wolf Jr and Parlay Steve out for the  Mako Mania. Headed out 6am in the morning with the fleet of boats. We went about 35 miles off shore in some sloppy conditions to find plenty of life. Set up a drift and with in 25 minutes we had a Small Mako scream off with one of  our baits. Set the hook and got her to the boat with in minutes it was released. Threw out the day we caught and released 1 Blue Shark 3 Makos and finally around  2:30-300pm we landed a 72 inch Mako and headed to the scales.The Mako went 133 pounds

June 4

We had John,Dylan,and Jimmy out on the Knot Guilty III today with Capt. Mark. We broke the Manasquan inlet around 4:30am and headed south. Found the bait and threw the net on them to put plenty of Bunker in the live well. Headed further south in some sloppy conditions and found Bass Crashing/Busting on bait for about 2 hours. Ended up with our limit to 30 pounds and released 7 more 20 to 25 pounds.

May 25

Bobby, and Matt  joined Capt. Mark on board the KnotGuiltyIII today. We cleared the Inlet, turned right and found the Bunker schools right off Manasquan.Capt. Mark threw the Cast Net a half a dozen times and filled the Livewell with Bunker. Mark got a phone call from another Charter boat and they said the Bass were busting on the Bunker. Headed south to the area and there were only two boats on them. We put 4 Bass in the Box then the crowd started to get bigger but didnt bother the Bass. We worked the are for about two hours landed our limit of fish to 35 pounds. We finished the day with 6 in the box and another.

May 23

We had Matt,Sean and John out on an all day stripped bass trip. The day started out with tough conditions, big swells and choppy water made  bunker very difficult to snag but we managed to put 2 dozen in the live well it took a little while but it paid off. In the early morning we were picking at Bluefish and Bass, with a few run offs ! Sean caught the first bass on the boat 19lbs , and John also landed a bass around 16lbs.  It was a real pleasure to have Matt,Sean and John fishing with us. Thanks guys!   Nice Work!!!!


May 20

The Matt Sage and Dan Kraft/ Father in law joined Capt. Mark on board the Knot GuiltyIII today .We found the Bunker schools as soon as we cleared the Inlet and they were stretched out from Manasquan up to Belmar. Capt. Mark and the crew got on the Bunker Snags and quickly filled the Livewell. While snagging Bunker and after 30 minutes no bass were to found.We headed up to the rocks and went on a troll no luck but a fluke.Saw some action inshore so we ran over to find Bass and Monster Bluefish on fire.Threw our baits in and Bluefish after Bluefish Chomping Baits.It wasn''t long we put our first big Bass in the box. The fish around 20 pounds. We had steady bites in the AM but as the morning wore on the bites slowed. We had a lot of Bass pickups, followed by long runs then the bait would be dropped. We finished up the day going 3 for 12 on big fish all of which went 18 to 20 pounds

May 16

Had the Knot Guilty out today and headed South to get in on some
Bass Action. All fish came on Bunker Spoons. After working
for it all day we ended up limiting out with fish to 30 pounds. Come join
us on some arm pumping actoin. Capt. Brenda and Capt. Mark Hoilman 980-278-5280 or 732-330-8243 ...Sorry About The color of pic .

May 15

Headed out for another day on the water. Jason , Brenda,Colman/Gator,and Bobby rounded out todays crew.

Plan was to go take advantage of the some great  bass fishing. 
Took off out of Manasquan Inlet and headed North.Scattered bunker were a round but they were hard to get... Bass were around but spread out a Bit... Got A Call on the cell and said they were picking up  Bass on the  troll with spoons. Shot up to the area and started Trolling. We worked hard and managed to troll our limit and the Bass bite was good again today with big Bass to 20 pounds.

December 16

Took Vanessa Barca out for a day of fishing w/ the boys... She was on on a mission to out fish them. started the kids out on diamond jigs w/ green tails BUT, Vanessa chose to use a purple & blk butterfly jig w/ a blk teaser. first 20 min. no hits for anyone. relocated and instantly started catching nice bass but not keepers until, Vanessa yelled out got one!... after a 5 min. fight She landed a 26 lb. striper. Her biggest fish yet! I think for sure she is... hooked on fishing. You go girl!  

December 12

Gator fished on open boat trip for black fish.Took off to a spot that
always had black fish and seabass on it.Got out some white legs cut
them into pieces put them on the hook.For the first hour not one hit.
Told the mate to pull up the anchor he started to go to the bow and
one of the guys said woo hold on got one. For the next few hours black
fish were comeing over the gunnels landed fish up tp 6 pounds.  


November 29

Devyn and Dylan wanted to play hooky.They told mom monday
is going to be flat on the water?Mom said lets go fishing the kids
said are you serious mom said yup.Mom capt.Brenda took the kids
fishing for black fish and sripers the water was flat and the bass
were on the bite.They set up and trolled with in minutets two
poles went down mom said fish on the boys grabbed the poles
and held on.Pulled up the first two fish were keepers 10 to 15 pounds.Fished for stripers for 2 hours caught and relased fish up
to 30 pounds.At 10 a clock am mom said lets go get some white
chins kids say lets go.We leave and get to the tog location and
catch the tog for 2 hours up to 9 pounds wrapped up the day
and went to the dock. 


November 27

Gator fished on open boat trip for black fish.Took off to a spot that
always had black fish and seabass on it.Got out some white legs cut
them into pieces put them on the hook.For the first hour not one hit.
Told the mate to pull up the anchor he started to go to the bow and
one of the guys said woo hold on got one. For the next few hours black
fish were comeing over the gunnels landed fish up tp 6 pounds.  

Aug 3

The Kevin cavanugh freehold tattoo charter came out for some spear fishing for Blackfish. kevin, made up the crew. Capt.Mark brought them to a spot in 25 feet of rough bottom and found life.Kevin had the hot hand today boxing a couple of 8 & 10 Pounders and spearing up with his largest which weighed in just under 10 lbs. on the digital scale. It was nice to see the fishing bounce back after the rough weather of the past few days. We finished up .. As usual a great crew to fish with and we look forward to their return in the coming weeks. 

Aug 22

The Jimmy ivarone charter joined Capt. Mark Aug,22 for a Fluke/Seabass Combo trip on Sun. Mart drifted the rough bottom for a few hours and jimmy and his crew had a nice pick on the Fluke putting 15 Keepers in the box while releasing over 30 shorts. A drop on a few offshore snags added 50 keeper Seabass to the catch. We had a great day with a group of long time highhooksportfishing supporters. 


July 19th

Capt. Mark took out friends for sea bass. water was rough but not
rough enough to keep us from catching 30 keeper sea bass!

July 17th

Capt. Brenda took her family out for a calm day of sea bass fishing. Dylan, Devyn & husband Mark slayed the sea bass! limiting out in just two hours! fun family day!

July 16th

Jeff Wood came out to enjoy a great day of fluke fishing. Sea's were 2 to 4ft. caught 20 throw backs w/ 9 bein keepers. 18 to 18 1/2 in. in size. was a great day fishing!


July 15th

Had Gene and his friends out on a full day of fluke fishing. Plenty of throw backs with only one keeper.also landed a cooler full of sea bass.

June 20 :

Capt. Brenda Hoilman took her husband Capt. Mark Hoilman out fluken on fathers day. Over 30 fluke caught w/ 14 keepers up to 7 lbs.! Fish were all caught just south of the Seagirt Reef. fun trip! Relentless to let dad out fish mom!

June 19 :

Capt. Brenda Hoilman was out on her boat the Knot Guilty w/ friends.
Hard to find fish. but by days end had some nice keeper fluke!

May 27:

We had Don and his buddies  from Cherry Hill out for a hard day of bass fishing. Large swells, chop, cold fronts , and a full moon shut the bass down completely. Although we didn’t know it on the water, we did better than most of the fleet with 2 broken off fish and one in the boat about 15 lbs. Most boats out went home without a hit based on the many reports we got. Thanks guys for sticking
it out!

May 24:

We had Mike and Jordan out on an all day stripped bass trip. The day started out with tough conditions, big swells and choppy water made throwing our net on bunker very difficult,  it took a little while but it paid off big time!! In the early afternoon we were picking at bass, but buy 3:00 we were bailing them! Jordan caught his personal best a 43.4 lb monster, and Mike also landed his personal best a 36lb cow.  Our fish boxes were stuffed with huge fish all over 30 lbs. We fought and released BIG BASS till our arms hurt.  It was a real pleasure to have Mike and Jordan fishing with us. Thanks guys!   Nice Work!!!!  


May 17   :

We had a killer day with Eddy Fraiser, Samar Dasi, and, Nick Malta. We headed
out on a 4 hour open boat Bass trip . Capt. Mark threw our net on a school of bunker in 34 feet of water off of Belmar, then we ran up to long branch where
Mark spotted a bass flipping on the surface we stopped and banged fish for the next 2 1/2 hours NON-STOP! We grabbed our limit in no time. Then had a blast catching and releasing fish. The largest fish were  30 and 35 lbs . the rest were
in the 20 to 25 lb range.  ALL  BIG FISH!! THANKS guys for another bang up trip!


May 10   :

We had Don and Jeff out on our 4 hour bass  special. We ran up to shrewsberry area where we ran into the tail end of a blitz, we did pull a bass out before the fish scattered, after that we had to work for the fish! We did get a few more bass the largest was about 15 lbs. The ocean laid down nice for our ride home running 40 mph and cranking the tunes we beat the dark to the inlet. We had a great trip............thanks guys.

May 5  :

We had Bill Baillie out on a 4 hour bass special. We found bait , dropped our jigs,
and HOOKED UP!!! We fought bass to 35 pounds keeping our limit and releasing BIG BASS the rest  of the night .We had an awesome night !  The BIG bass are in and they wont be on fire like this much longer , probably only a few weeks don’t miss out on these fish!! 

Give us a call and lets set up a trip!!!!

May 5, 2010:
Trip Testimonial:

Thanks again for a great trip and teaching me how to catch big ass bass!!!  Best of luck on your chartering services.
You guys are awesome!!!

-Bill Baillie

Friday Apr. 30 : 

We had Ed Fraizer out on a striped bass charter. We found bait
and read fish on the fish finder off of Asbury Park,  Minutes later
we had our first bass hook up , while fighting that fish it turned
into an all out blitz . We had our limit within a few minutes of
fishing and had a blast releasing bass to 20 lbs

We look forward to having Ed out again.

Call Capt. Brenda: 908-278-5280

Call Capt. Mark: 732-330-8243

Sailing out of Point Pleasant, NJ

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